Since 1932, Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling has been providing superior well and pump service to residential and commercial customers. We promise to provide the most qualified and professional service in the Georgia Coastal Region. We offer 24/7 service and are always available for your emergency needs.

Services Offered:

  • Installation and replacement of submersible and above ground pumps
  • Installation and replacement of pressure tanks (bladder tanks, galvanized tanks, aerator tanks)
  • Service & installation of water treatment systems to combat hardness, sulfur (rotten egg smell), and iron
  • Total Coliform/E. Coli sampling through our in-house State Certified Lab.


Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling provides dependable service for many local municipalities and industrial mills to ensure their water needs are met.

Services Offered:

  • Providing the necessary equipment to remove large turbine pumps and motors from municipal and commercial wells
  • Provide thorough inspection of the pump and all of it’s components. As well, as providing repair/replacement of the pump and all of it’s components.
  • Perform Camera/Video inspection of the wells inner casing, from top to bottom.
  • Rehabilitating the well by brushing the interior casing from top to bottom
  • Flow meter calibration
  • Pump Flow and Water Level Draw Down Test


Water wells require periodic maintenance to maintain their efficiencies. Well rehabilitation is the art of thoroughly cleaning the well screen, gravel pack, and natural formation to ensure a well is operating at its maximum output. Woodrow Sapp has a carefully trained team that is well-versed in the various techniques of well rehabilitation to ensure maximum performance for all well types.


Woodrow Sapp assists clients in confirming well integrity and in diagnosing problems beneath the surface using our underground camera technology. This technology allows our customers real-time observation of well casing, well screens, and water-bearing zones to help diagnose any issues.  This service is also a great tool for routine inspections and preventative maintenance. As part of this service, Woodrow Sapp will provide all images and video in DVD or digital form for the clients. 


Woodrow Sapp has drilled agricultural irrigation wells throughout all of South Georgia since we were established in 1932. Beyond drilling the well, we are capable of servicing and installing many makes and models of pumps. 


Industrial well drilling requires a unique skill set and a broad knowledge of the challenges specific to the sector. Woodrow Sapp has decades of experience in working with manufacturers across the Southeast to ensure their facilities have reliable water supply to meet their needs. 


A reliable source of water is essential to municipal growth and sustainability. Woodrow Sapp is trusted by municipalities, large and small, to deliver the highest quality in EPD compliant water wells.  


Woodrow Sapp offers a variety of customized solutions, such as geological test holes, source test wells, de-watering wells, and monitoring wells.